Patient Stories- Youth Violence


Patient Stories- Youth Violence

Read our case studies below to see how the Redthread project has already helped these young people at Kings College Hospital.


Chris was just 17 when he was admitted to Kings College Hospital with nine stab wounds in his chest and back as well as a broken foot from it being run over by a car.

Whilst in the hospital, Youth workers from Redthread visited him on his bedside and were able to offer support and help him understand what was happening to him medically.

Chris revealed that he was a member of a gang in Lambeth and admitted that the assault was a result of his lifestyle. He told the Redthread workers that he was scared to go back home as he feared for his life.

Working alongside Social Services, the youth offending services and KCH were able to keep him in the hospital for a further week until a safe interim place could be found for him to stay.

Redthread made referrals to the St Giles SOS project for Lambeth who assigned Chris a key worker to liaise with on a weekly basis. As a result of this referral he is in the process of being moved out of the borough and still remains in contact with one of the Youth workers in Redthread to access medical support from the Well Centre.


James is a 16 year old male from Lambeth who was kidnapped by a group of men and put in the trunk of a car, before being dumped outside his house. He was beaten and stabbed three times in his chest and was admitted to the Acute Surgical Unit for five days in the summer of 2013.

Whilst in hospital, James told Redthread that he was affiliated with a gang and this incident had woken him up to the realisation that he needed to get out of the area.

Details of his assault were passed on to Lambeth Housing as it was no longer safe for him to return to his home and a joint referral was made to the Safe and Secure team which was accepted by the Community Safety team.

Subsequently James was re-located into a neighbouring borough and a referral was made to the adult mental health team to help with trauma of what had happened to him. Currently he is due to start an apprentice as an electrician with a housing association.


Steve almost lost his life after being stabbed in the neck. His wound measured 17cm wide and 10cm deep.

Prior to being taken to Kings College Hospital, the 16-year-old had been missing from home for three weeks.

Redthread made initial bedside contact with Steve to start building a rapport, gather some background information and to complete an assessment.

Steve explained that he was having a stressful time at home and wasn't getting on well with is mother. Redthread facilitated some family mediation work and also an induction meeting with a support worker from his local authority. The support worker is currently supporting Steve to engage in positive activities at least once a week including gym sessions and going out for meals.

Steve now calls his youth worker at Redthread when he is feeling stressed at home and when the relationship starts to break down and so is not running away from home and no longer putting himself in situations where he is so vulnerable.

His youth worker at Redthread has made a referral to an organisation that supports young people with education, training and employment, helping him to improve his CV and on applications for apprenticeships.

Since January when Steve was admitted to KCH Steve has not been involved in any violent incidents and is regularly attending all of his scheduled appointments.


*All names have been changed for privacy reasons

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