Audience Engagement Programme
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Audience Engagement Programme

The Arts programme organises a number of exciting and free events for patients, staff and visitors to engage with the art works in the hospitals. Both on wards and in communal spaces, the Audience Engagement Programme seeks to transform the hospital environment into a space for creativity and inspiration.
Our regular workshops include:

Paper Birch
We're immensely proud to be working with Paper Birch who run engaging workshops that offer older patients and patients with dementia the chance to be creative through arts and crafts. Currently running on five wards at Charing Cross Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital, the workshops are bright and fun, focusing on colour, scent, materials and the sharing of undiscovered and re-discovered techniques.

The Rhythm Studio
The hugely popular two-hour music workshops in two Paediatric Wards at St Mary’s Hospital involve both group and one-to-one sessions, bringing together child patients and their siblings to create impromptu music sessions and live renditions of popular songs.

Auchi Dialysis workshops
Since the start of February 2017, artist Fay Ballard has been leading a weekly creative workshop with dialysis patients at Hammersmith Hospital. She uses art as a means to engage with these patients, and has been writing a weekly blog in response to her experiences. You can read the powerful and often touching moments on the blog here

Community Workshops
We also run monthly Community Workshops which rotate around the three main hospital sites: Charing Cross Hospital, St Mary's Hospital and Hammersmith hospital. The workshops are led by an education specialist, exploring the hospital's collection through both discussion and creating personal works. The workshops, provided for patients and staff, are also sometimes held offsite, at the Royal Academy and Victoria and Albert Museum.

Alongside our own regular workshops, we are also working with The Wallace Collection and The British Museum to bring their wonderful collections to our patients.
To find out more about the Audience Engagement Programme, please visit our blog here which features regular updates about workshops. You can also join our mailing list about upcoming Community Workshops by emailing

If you have a specific enquiry about the art collection, contact:

Kate Pleydell on or call 0203 312 2033.

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